Dennis Langford is the magician of interior design, even with small spaces! We have two homes on the water and they both started with cramped, unattractive kitchens. We couldn’t/didn’t want to expand the house perimeter in either location, so the challenge was how to re-configure rooms to get bigger kitchens. Our architects and contractors came up with only a little in the way of assistance; but luckily, we found Dennis. He is a creative genius and his Downsview product is far superior to any other cabinet brands we have seen before or since. My husband and I – a former Fortune 500 CFO and a semi-retired lawyer – know that we are demanding; and our various contractors from the past could tell you that. So high marks from us can be hard to achieve; but we have only the best to say about Dennis Langford, his Downsview cabinets and his shop, Kitchen Spaces.